Joanna Gypser



"shadow heart"

"beloved stranger"

WHO i am

Hello - how lovely that you found your way to me! 

I am Joanna Gypser and my great passion is music. No matter if it’s loud or quiet, soft or powerful - my songs always express a part of my heart. As an artist, great experiences inspire me just as much as the small moments in life: wildflowers on the roadside, a beautiful forest clearing or the rainbow after a storm.

"Music is a part of me. I need it to feel whole and fulfilled."

Music was and is an important anchor for me; a safe retreat and a creative source of strength. For me, it is a way to completely be myself - even if only for a few precious minutes.

At the age of six, I took piano lessons and as a teenager I started to write my own pieces and, later on, I took singing lessons. In short: Music is a constant and faithful companion in my life.

I'm as happy as a little child when my songs touch people!  But of course I don't just write my songs for myself.

I want to share them with you - to invite you to listen for a few moments, let yourself be carried away and touched. The greatest gift for me is to create community and exchange through my music. Between you and me; between you and friends; between you and strangers.


27.08.2022    Singer-Songwriter Summit Schloss Weilerbach

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